Welcome to Writing a Romance Novel where you can learn about writing a romance novel and hire a ghostwriter to write, edit, or rewrite your romance novel.

Romance novel writing is a specific genre of writing and should be treated as such. It is not enough to simply be a novelist. You must also specialize in the field of romance. With romance writing, it is the chase and the relationships of love and lust that keep readers turning the pages. An effective romance writer knows what the readers wants and knows how to give them what they want. And how to tease them to an exciting climax.

Our romance novel writing services are fulfilled by professional romance novelists with years of experience writing romance novels. We have romance writers of varying ages and ethnic groups and some who are male and others who are female. While fantasy and imagination are integral to writing a romance novel,  we believe that experiences also play a significant role and different people who have different perspectives and experiences will invariably create a different novel. If you have any preference for your writer or if you see a writing sample you like, just let us know and we will assign this writer to your project. So you are not swayed, we have not written any author names next to the samples so you can judge them without any reference to the author’s background.

We work as ghostwriters, which means that we are uncredited; you can write your name as the author. We do NOT charge a royalty or percentage of future sales. We will help you to publish your novel to traditional publishers or to self-publish through Amazon.Com, Smashword.Com and other distributors.

We can help you wherever you are in the writing project — from just an idea to an outline, a few chapters, or a completed rough draft. We love writing romance novels and our clients and readers think we’re pretty damn good at it! While we certainly could charge a lot more (and we have in the past), we have decided to change our business model to make romance novel ghostwriting services affordable to the masses. You can now order romance novels for just $22.95 per 250-word page and $695 to plot and plan it (character descriptions and a chapter-by-chapter summary of about 4000 words). We even offer 20 page installments for novel writing!