1. Browse our website and read the FAQ page

2. Email us at, call our Hollywood, California — USA phone number at  +1 (323) 570-4473, or ideally first fill out the contact form so we have at least a basis for future communications.

3. Let us know your legal name if you’d like us to sign and email you our non-disclosure agreement (NDA); either way we will NOT disclosure information about your story to people not involved in the project.

4. Now that you are confident your story idea is safe, let me know the details so I will be better able to help you.

5. Once I have read the details to your story either I or the most qualified person in my team will write your novel; I will be your main contact and project manager who will be readily available.

6. We agree on a payment schedule that will work for your budget and desired turnaround time.

7. Send the first payment

8. Writing begins

9. Receive the first installment

10. Provide feedback and if you require edits or changes we will do so.

11. When you are satisfied with the first installment, we will proceed with the next and repeat until the novel has been completed.

12. With your novel completed, we can discuss your publication goals and devise a strategy.