Romance Novel Formula

A Formula for Writing a Romance Novel?

Some critics out there believe that there must be a formula for these books and they must all be alike. These types of novels are small and way shorter than many other books out there. Many of these stories are light and do not have the drama of other stories. They tend to ignore some of the violence that is told in many books today. These stories are easy to read so that readers have no trouble comprehending what they have just read.

Due to these factors, many critics and even the readers may think that they are extremely easy to write. This has led some of the readers to say that they would have no trouble writing a romance novel. This is why so many romance authors are asked for their formula to writing their book.

Many romance novels will have elements in common like in mysteries. A mystery will have a crime, an investigator and the person who did it. By the end of the story the crime is solved. Mysteries are not all alike, and that is the same for romances.

The only thing that a romance story has in common is that a man and woman fall in love. The stories that surround them falling in love will be very different and none will be the same. They will find their feelings for each other no matter what else is going on in the story and will be together forever with a great happy ending. That is the formula to romance writing, and nothing more is needed. Of course, there are exceptions to the story. Some may have different romances and some romances may not end in marriage or they may not have a clear-cut ending on how the two lovers wind up.

Romance novels today can blossom into whatever that author wants to write about. Readers know that whomever they choose they will be getting a unique story. Every reader knows that no matter which author they go with, AUTHOR NAMES OMITTED, they will end up with a completely different story that is nothing any other.