Romance Novel Writing Rules

Even though there are many categories, people who read romance literature will have certain requirements for the book they are reading. If you cannot create a great story that will engage your readers, you will never be successful. To make sure that you get a good feel for what people want, you will want to make sure that you are reading different romances from several different authors. Make sure that the books that you are reading are recent, preferably within the last year to ensure that you are up to date with what current readers want. Think about these things for when you are looking at the book. This will help you to get a good feel for the book and help you to write your own book.

Figure out how many pages the book is and how many chapters there are. See how these chapters are divided and done. While you are reading determine what point of view is used and if there is a particular character that you get to listen to more than others. Check out each character in the book and get to know them. Find out whether or not they will be in later books or if they are just stand-alone characters. Figure out whether or not there are patterns to the characters. Figure out how the heroine of the story is like the ones in your other stories, do the same for the heroes. Check to see when each hero and heroine appears throughout the book. Check to see how each author makes you get attached to the characters. Read to see if there are any similarities in each book such as the plot or anything about the characters.

Once you read these things and figure them out, you will see a set of rules that start to form for the world of the romance novels. Here are some of the rules that you will find.

  1. Faith inspired romances are based in faith but not in any type of religion. Mentioning a specific religion is generally not received well.
  2. Most heroines have a best friend who can help them through trying situations and help them with life lessons.
  3. Happy endings are important. Many romance novels will have a long-term relationship in place for the characters of the story.
  4. Divorce is possible in these stories, but new lovers generally are not allowed until the marriage is over with and the character is ready to move on.


Following the Rules

The rules listed above are only a few of the rules that you will encounter while writing, but the reasons behind the policies belong to two main classes. The first class is that your readers are going to want characters that strike a chord with them. They are not going to want characters that they do not like or who are not easy to like. The second thing is that your readers are going to want to have a good story that is great and makes them feel great. They are not going to want a romance story that makes them feel depressed or not uplifted. When looking at your rules you will see that the rules are geared towards these two categories.

Often the story can do both with the rules. You can show that she has a good friend and a great personality, which in turn will make her a favorite among your readers. Having a good friend is uplifting, and the story will give your readers a great feeling.

Of course, rules are there to help you, but there are exceptions to every rule. A hero or heroine can have a bad past such as criminal dealings and still turn out to be a very likeable character. In addition, a story where the hero or heroine is still married and finds a different love can happen. A good author can break a rule and turn it into a great story. Just be careful and make sure that your character is likeable and your story is awesome.