Romance Novels – Perceptions and Reality

Perceptions and Reality of Romance Novels

People who are against romance novels are generally people who haven’t read them or only read a few. They say that the stories are stupid and often childish. They claim that the stories have no plot and simplistic wording. They also claim that sex scenes fill the story and the rest of the story is of no sustenance. Their feel that the author does nothing to change each story, that all they do is change the hair color and the names of their character and claim that it is a new story.

Other people who like to criticize romance novels say that they are promoting the view that women are helpless and need a man to save them. They say that they encourage women with false expectations that Prince Charming is out there waiting for them. They say that the stories tell women to focus on one thing and that is to find a man who will support and take care of them. Many people claim that the books are sexist and holding women back. Some critics even say that because women are holding out for their romantic lover from a Harlequin book, they are unable find real lovers in the real world.

These accusations could not further from the truth. Romance novels have kept up with the times and are evolving from what they originally were. Romance novels explored divorce before it was common and explored many stories and situations way before they became mainstream concerns in today’s society.

Some of the early romance novels focused on the economic independence of women and showed them working when it was not the norm for women to work. Some women may have been inexperienced in these books, but usually the woman is very competent and able to find her own way. She is hoping to find a man is because she wants to have a companion and partner.