What is a Romance Novel?

What is a Romance Novel?


Some people think that just because a story includes love, it is automatically a romantic novel. It can be hard to tell one from the other. These stories tell the tale of two lovers. A romantic novel will have the story more emphasized than what it would be in a love story. More attention would be paid to detail and even the smallest detail would be in the novel. The main story within the novel is the relationship between the two lovers. That relationship will be focused on well with other events within the story being secondary. The story without the two lovers would be nothing, and no one would read the book.

Emphasizing Romance – What is a Romance Novel


There are books out there that have romantic elements but cannot be classified as romance novels.  The romance is secondary to the main story, and if the romance portion of the story was not there, it would still be a good read for its audience, even though it may lose a bit with the romantic element being gone. For example, let’s say that you are penning a book. A woman is running away from a bad situation and a guy comes in and helps her through her bad situation. Would this be romance fiction or would it just be a regular fiction story?

This all depends on what is emphasized in the story. Would the focus be on why the woman was leaving a bad situation or would it be that the woman falls in love with the guy that is helping her? If it is just a story about the woman leaving the bad situation and happening to meet this guy who helps her, it would be just a regular fiction story. However, if the story has more romantic dimensions to it, shows the guy and girl getting together and tells their story of their romance, it would be classified as a romantic novel.

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