Why are Romance Novels so Popular – Statistics

In the world of paperback fiction, romance novels sell best. Many have stated that romance novels are more than half of the stories sold in the American region.  A good many books released are romantic novels in Americas. They outsell westerns, science fiction, mysteries and many other literary niches. The world of romance novels has created billions of dollars in sales with 1000s of romance titles being released each year.

Love has always told an interesting story that has captivated people’s hearts and minds. Love always makes for an intriguing story not matter if it is sad, happy or just fate. For many centuries love stories have been told in every country throughout many different countries. Romantic literature is a form of genre fiction and goes deeper than just a love story. There’s a basic story within the story telling how they fell in love and what their lives were like with more detail. The romance novel is a modern concept and many authors have taken part in creating great romance novels that have been enjoyed by thousands.

Who Reads Romance Novels and Why?

They are popular because people simply like to read and there are many people who love to read. Readers’ backgrounds are varied. Some are married, some have graduate degrees, and around half are college graduates. Romance readers ranging from the mid-twenties to the mid-fifties are almost half of the readers in this genre. However, readers from their preteen to well up into the eighties read romance novels. 

Romance Novel Statistics

Men also read these romances. According to RWA statistics, 22 percent of males have stated that they have read romantic novels. Many men do not want to talk about this, and this has led to some men joining book clubs under their wives’ or girlfriends’ names so that they are not found out. In other countries romance novels are also popular. Harlequin has sold more than 200 million worldwide in 120 nations. The book publisher also publishes in 25 different languages.

Romance novels provide strength and hope and help to encourage readers that happy endings do happen. Romance novels show people that no matter how bad their lives are at any given moment, things could change and love could find them. Many people find these romance novels very comforting and continue to read them for that comfort. This is true for all readers worldwide.