Writing and Learning About Romance Novels

You will never be able to write a good romance novel unless you know everything out there about them. Simply knowing what they are about is not enough. You need to dive into as many books as you can from all different categories and backgrounds. Do not just read one once in a while. You will want to sit down and read several from each category out there even if you don’t particularly care for the subject matter. This will help you to get a good feel for how the books are written and what the author had to go through to make sure that their story was successful.  Once you choose the category that you will write in, you will need to make sure that you read several different stories.

Each category has very specific themes. If you do not know these themes you could end up creating a book that has no category and that could lead to problems with the book getting published. It could also lead to you having to rewrite the entire book all over again.

If you find yourself writing single title books you will need to get to know all the books out there that will be your competition. You will also get to understand what made one particular book a great hit with readers as well as the publisher. To read these books you will need to go to your local bookstore or purchase the books online. Here is what you will need to do when looking at all these books.

First take a look at the shelf and look at how the romance novels are displayed. See how they are put together and look at how they are exactly set on the shelves. Look for similar themes such as colors or similar pictures on the covers. Look at what stands out and what attracts you and other readers the best.

When you are looking at the covers of the book, look at the wording. See if all the books use the same font or check to see if they use different coloring and different styles of font. Take a look at the picture and see whether it was a hand drawn illustration, photography or even a painting. You can also see whether or not a graphic designer helped to design the book. Get a good feel for the book and determine what kind of feel you get for the book. See if the cover lets you know what is going on within the pages of the book.

Open the book and get a feel for the inside pages and how they are done. See how the pages and the words look. Check the margins and see how many pages there are in the book. See if the book on the inside interests you as much as the outside cover does.