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First is a romance novel summary, a service for which we charge $695. It plots and plans the entire romance novel and includes a description of each of the main characters and a chapter-by-chapter summary. With it, we have an excellent plan to write the romance novel. After the romance novel plan writing sample are a few scenes from unrelated romance novels.

Romance Novel Plan
By John Halas

1. George – He is a 30-year-old white man. He is muscular, tall, chiseled, and powerful and has a tattoo of rose thorns on his back.
2. Paige – She is a 25-year-old. She has a slim body and has a curvy and sexy body. She is hardworking but has a soft spot for bad boys.
3. Tammy – She is Paige’s best friend and is 26 years old.
4. Linda – She is George’s sister. She is 18 years old and is taking care of their mother.
5. Martin – He is a 20-year-old guy on whom Linda has a crush.
6. Sandra – She is George’s mother, and she is about 75 years old.
7. Mr. Pedro – He owns the bike gang. He is tall and has thick black hair.
8. Beatrice – She is 29-years-old and is Mr. Pedro’s wife.
9. Rebecca – She is 9 years old and is the daughter of Mr. Pedro and Beatrice.
10. Philippe – He is an average looking man with average height.
11. Officer Stan – He is a 34-year-old who has been put to monitor the streets.
12. Tony Blax – He is a 30-year-old young man who is of lean built. He is a petty thief and is now a hired assassin.
13. Billy Chiles – He is a Private investigator. He is a short, plump man who likes smoking.
14. Adam – George’s best friend. He is an average looking man.
15. Captain Barrette – He is the leader of the police and has been one for more than ten years. He is short but gets the job done.
16. Christine – She is Paige’s mother. She is 60 years old but still looks young for her age.
17. Jeff Stoke – He is an old friend of Phillipe who robbed a store once and is now serving time.
18. Officer Brass – He is the lead homicide investigator.
19. Officer Tipper – He is the right-hand man to Officer Brass. They have been working together for seven years.


1. [George POV] Everything that he has done so far has never measured up to him. He has held different jobs but has never been good at any of them. He has been fired from five different jobs: being a pizza delivery guy, a mailman, a dog walker, a plumber and an electrician. He seeks a deeper meaning of his life. With all this confusion, he decides to pay a visit to Adam, his best friend to get some clarity on what he should do in life. Adam offers some suggestions.

2. [Paige POV] The introduction of Paige. She is having troubles of her own, she has been in and out of school and is struggling just to complete her degree. She had never met her father, and her mother bailed out on her some few years back. She has had to work two jobs just to be able to pay for her education on campus. She feels swamped and is hoping that someone, preferably a knight, will come and whisk her off her feet. Whenever Paige is not working or studying, she pays a visit to her friend Tammy and they talk about boys.

3. [George POV] Back at home, George feels that he is under a lot of pressure to deliver. Ever since his father passed on, George has become the man of the house. He has to take care of his aged mother who is beginning to display Alzheimer’s. His other sibling is a 18-year-old girl who is in the prime of her youth and doing things that do not sit well with her brother and mother. (Note: George had been in a couple of fights on her behalf and it’s becoming embarrassing.)
4. [Paige POV] Paige is called to work for Mr. Pedro (she passed an interview) as she can handle the receptionist parts very easy. She finds Mr. Pedro to be a man who is suspicious of things and one who prefers to stay in a good relationship with the law authorities. (Note: Mr. Pedro is the leader of a bike gang. He lives a big life and has the money to prove it. Most of the business owners pay protection money to him. Mr. Pedro is living a big life. He has a beautiful wife, Beatrice, who is much younger than he is. She feels that her husband makes her feel lonely as he spends more time working than with her. She has a daughter, Rebecca who is nine years old.)
5. [George POV] George meets with Adam in a pub called ‘The Benson’s pub’ and they both decide to have a beer. But before Adams’ arrival, George was very busy in a club fight. He was also thrown out save Adams’ arrival. They started drinking with the aim to forget their many problems (well, at least one of them is). George complains to his best friend that his life keeps on getting tougher each day. Adams feels sorry for George but doesn’t fail to make mockery of his predicament. He promises to hook him up.

6. [Paige POV] Paige is with her best friend and they decide to go out for drinks like they usually do. They stumble into ‘The Benson’s pub’ due to lack of anywhere else to go. The cab driver is happy to get rid of them as they were a noisy couple. They love the pub and they start with some shots and later on decide to take beers. Around then, George meets Paige and they start discussing. They have chemistry but due to George’s fight before Paige arrived, a bunch of men arrive and they take their fight outside. Right about then, Paige and Tammy leave the pub and return home.

7. [George POV] Mr. Pedro is in his office catching up on some work (Note: he is thinking about his past and future plans for his business). Mr. Alexander Butter is paying Mr. Pedro a visit. They are old friends and they decide to catch up for old times’ sake. Their meeting is slightly interrupted as Mr. Pedro meets George for the first time. George comes highly recommended from a friend of Mr. Pedro’s. George is happy and excited to meet Mr. Pedro’ and pledges that he will do everything in his power to please him. (Note: Phillipe, one of the handy guys of Mr. Pedro does not like George at all). George notices Paige and he quickly remembers her from the other night. He smiles at her and she smiles back. He can’t get her off his mind for the rest of the day.

8. [Paige POV] In the end of her shift, Paige is exhausted and the only thing she wants is to return back to her apartment. She has a long night of studying ahead of her and she is a bit grumpy. However, when outside Mr. Pedro’s office, a man assaults her and tries to mug her. Paige tries to escape but it’s impossible. She starts screaming until someone arrives and helps her. That someone is George. He is so furious that the man assaulted Paige that he keeps on hitting the man until he is half dead. Paige gets in the middle and stops him. George stops only because she asked him to. When the incident is over, Paige smiles at him and they exchange contacts.

9. [George POV] We see George in one of his first jobs. (Note: In this scene we show George’s bad boy side. He has found his calling in this bike gang.) When everything is over, a message from Paige. Immediately, we see a change of heart in him. He leaves immediately and heads out to meet her. She is alone in her apartment. They have an intimate moment together and they share their first kiss.

11. [Paige POV] George checks on Paige once in awhile and she loves every minute of it. He sends her rose flowers to her house and invites her to join him for a date at the ‘Tappers’ which is a fine dining restaurant. George has already reserved a corner table for both of them. George and Paige have a good time and they get to know each other better. George officially asks Paige to be his girlfriend and she does not hesitate to say yes. After dinner, George takes Paige in a hotel and they spend their first night together. (Note: This is the first sex scene of the story. I chose to not come off as vulgar. It’s also their first style, so doggiestyle sex or oral would seem a bit too intimate in their character development.)

12. [George POV] A couple weeks pass and George is starting to have stronger feelings for Paige. In this chapter, we see him thinking about her when they are going through one of Mr. Pedro’s jobs. That makes him slow and careless and almost gets Philippe killed. Philippe doesn’t like it and quickly confronts George. George, on his stead, defends himself but Philippe holds a grudge to him (Note: we introduce danger and action in this chapter.)

13. George comes to pick her up in the morning and they end up having sex in the car. Paige had taken some leave days from her job and she decides to pay a visit to George at work. George is showing her off to the people at work. The men praise George for ‘landing’ a beautiful and sexy woman.’ Philippe lurks in the shadows and is seen eyeing Paige. As Paige gets into her car, she sees that someone is staring at her through her side mirror and quickly drives out of that place.

12. [George POV] George confronts Phillipe after work and the two men argue (Note: Paige has talked to George about what she saw and George immediately realized it was Philippe.) Phillipe expresses his disdain for George. Phillipe begins abusing Paige verbally. He tells George how he will have sex with her and take away anything that he was hoping she would offer him. He swears to take away her innocence and throw her away as a rag once he is done with her. George dares him, and promises to wipe him and whosoever is left of his blood line off the face of earth. Things gets rough and they engage in a fight. It takes the swift response of the rest gang members to stop them.

13. [Paige POV] The relationship that Paige had with George has been going on so well. She had never been so happy in her life and yet her mind could not stop wondering about George. With all of his masculine looks, there was surely some women who would love to be with him. How sure was she that he was not having an affair or a fling with someone else? He had assured her that she was the only one and yet she still had fears that were rooted in her mind. She decides to play along but keep an eye out for George and watch him carefully.

14. [George POV] Mr. Pedro hears the news of his people fighting each other. He calls them both in and tells them that it is not good for brothers to fight each other. They promise Mr. Pedro that they will treat each other better. Mr. Pedro asks George to remain for a while in his office and Mr. Pedro talks with him. He promotes George as there is something about him that Mr. Pedro likes. (Note: Phillipe is eavesdropping and is disappointed that George is being promoted while he has never been promoted despite having worked there for five years.) It’s the first time that George has doubts about his job. He asks Mr. Pedro some time before accepting.

15. [Paige POV] George and Paige meet up to go for a lunch date. George takes her to a nice restaurant and they have an awesome time. He then teaches her how to ride a motorcycle. Paige is afraid but George tells her that she should not worry as he is here to protect her. Paige agrees and she learns for a few minutes and decides that motorcycles are just not her thing. They park in a secluded place on top a hill and they have oral sex on top the motorcycle. (Note: While this scene might seem a bit stretched, it has a romantic nuance and an aftertaste of Paige doing everything to please her man that is sure to excite the readers.) They decide to sleep in George’s house the following day as it is Sunday.

16. [George POV] The next morning, George wakes up from a strange noise coming from Linda’s bedroom (Note: George’s younger sister, Linda has begun to party a lot, and this does not sit well with her mother. George’s mother, Sandra, had asked George to step in and take care of the whole situation.). George catches Linda and her boyfriend having sex. He quickly beats him up and once again he only stops after Paige tells him to. After the incident is over, George calls a couple boys from the gang and asks them to keep an eye on her. She finds out! Linda is devastated that George has embarrassed her and vows never to talk to him.

17. [Paige POV] Paige, while not agreeing with George’s methods, shares the same view with him. However, being a woman and closer to age with Linda, she decides to talk to her while George is out for a quick run to the grocery store. Linda is very aggressive at first, but soon Paige manages to find a crack to her armor and they start discussing. Soon, Linda sees the point of her brother being furious with her and promises to talk to him. (Note: this chapter works as a bonding point between Paige and Linda that will work towards George falling for Paige even harder.)

18. [George POV] George is at his place of work when he receives a surprise visit from Paige who informs him of his mother who had collapsed and luckily, Linda had walked in and she had called the ambulance. Linda is with Paige and she tells George that she had tried to call him many times but his phone was not going through. George asks Mr. Pedro if he can go to the hospital. Mr. Pedro agrees. The doctor tells George that the condition of his mother is only going to get worse and that they should start embracing the fact that she might not live for far too long. George is stressed as he does not know what to do. Paige becomes a leaning shoulder to him, she consoles and encourages him in the midst of his confusion.

19. [Paige POV] Paige returns to her apartment alone. She has a shower while she is thinking about her relationship with George. Things are taking a serious turn and for the first time in her life, she isn’t afraid to just let things flow for now. George is now going through a difficult phase of his life with Philippe moving against him and Mr. Pedro being more and more shady every day. In the middle of all these, Paige is starting to see the start of a choice that she has to take. Staying means danger and she can already smell it in the air, but going means losing George and she doesn’t know if she can handle it right now.

20. [George POV] A few weeks have passed and Sandra has been released from the hospital. Her health is improving but no one wants to get their hopes up. George is working and things are going back to the way that they used to be. One night as George is leaving work, he notices that he is being followed. George arrives home and looks at his mother who is asleep. He realizes that he does not have much time. He starts to arrange for a get-away for both Sandra and Linda. He is starting to feel threatened; right about then, two people invade his home and beat him up badly. He ends up in the hospital. (Note: “He shops around for a ring and decides to propose to Paige who accepts the proposal.” This was part of the original plot but I don’t think it fits the premise. I’ll leave it to you if you want this to happen now or later in the story.)

21. [Paige POV] A couple weeks pass by and Paige is thinking that since she met George, she spends way too much time in the hospital. Right about then, Paige discovers that she is pregnant. She does not know whether she should tell George as he is dealing with his own issues at the moment (trying to get better, the break in and his mother’s health care.) She feels that she is not safe anytime that she is around George. She visits George and she is glad that he is doing much better and that he will be released soon. She spends a lot of time with him and decides to sleep by his side. The following day, she kisses George and she leaves for another town. George is not aware that she is pregnant with his child or that she left him.

22. [George POV] George is out of the hospital and cannot wait to see his girlfriend as he has missed her so much. He goes to her workplaces but does not find her there. He then goes to her house but they tell him that Paige has not been to her house in a week. He later goes to see Tammy, Paige’s best friend. At first, Tammy does not want to tell him that Paige has left but she later reveals to him. She tells him that she does not know where she went. Tammy does not tell George that Paige is pregnant for him even though he threatens her.

23. [Paige POV] We see Paige entering a distant house, away from the prying eyes and difficult to track. She has started to unpack when she feels dizzy. Paige grabs her belly and is thinking about George. How he was a bad boy that was turning good just for her, and that she is pregnant to his child and she decided to abandon him at the worst time of his life. However, she doesn’t regret it. Her priority right now is to raise this child in a safe and healthy environment, something she doesn’t believe George can offer to her, to both of them.

24. [George POV] The police are beginning to be very strict on bike gangs. They suspect that there is a lot of foul play that goes in these gangs including drug trafficking. Captain Barette tells his squad to keep a watchful eye on the gang that is headed by Mr. Pedro. George realizes that they are being watched and he knows that he has to be extra careful especially if he wants to exact his revenge on Philippe and the man who attacked him. In the meantime, George decides to stall his reprisal attack on Philippe, but keeps a close tab on him. He is able to track down the third guy from his home invasion and after extracting much information from him, he kills him. Right then, he looks at his hands and sees the monster he has become. The information he digs up don’t help him find who was the man behind his home invasion but at the moment he also doesn’t care. He just wants to see Paige.

25. [Paige POV] Paige is living off on some money that she had saved up and the extra that Tammy gave her on the side. She feels lonely and decides to call up her mother so that they can talk. They argue for a while about why she abandoned George and her mother tells Paige about her father and the way that he had been killed by a gang. Paige feels closer to her mother.

26. [George POV] George is starting to look for a way out of the bike gang. He hasn’t been sleeping for a week now after the murder. He is obsessed with finding Paige and so he starts using illegal means to track her calls and her credit card transactions. Soon, he finds her but at the same time, but at the same time Adam comes to him with some precious info. George finds out that the man that attacked him that night was Tony Blax. He is a close acquaintance of Philippe. George is split between going after them or heading out to find Paige.

27. [Paige POV] Paige is having some dreams about George and she misses him so much. She daydreams and sees herself having a bath with George and they end up having sex. However, she is jolted back to reality by some noise in the street. Despite the fact that she misses him, she remembers why she left him behind and promises herself that she will be stronger emotionally.

28. [George POV] The police are mounting pressure on Mr. Pedro as they are tracking down and arresting his contacts and Mr. Pedro is feeling the pressure mounting upon him. He begins to look for greener pastures. Mr. Pedro asks George if he could accept to move with him and take care of his business so that he can nurture it again from the ground up. George is torn between accepting the offer and defending the love that he has for Paige. What if his job threatens the love that he has for Paige and ends up getting her in trouble with very bad people again or what if she is used by bad people as a way to get closer to him? In the end, he turns Mr. Pedro down and heads straight to find Paige.

29. [Paige POV] Paige has lied down on her sofa, resting and enjoying a nice movie when she hears a strange sound coming from the hallway outside her door. Quickly, she closes the TV and rushes to another room. She is certain that someone (Note: Philippe and his accomplish) have found out her whereabouts and they are here to kill her. When someone is trying to open the locked door, Paige panics and hides inside the closet. Someone breaks open the door and gets inside. It’s Philippe. However, at the same time, the sound of someone struggling in the hallway comes. Philippe rushes outside. Paige doesn’t have to see him to know that it’s George.

30. [George POV] Without knowing it, George stumbles into a home invasion to Paige’s new home. Blax and Philippe are there, entering into her house when George arrives. He devises a quick plan and follows them inside. He beats them up and calls the police. In the meantime, he finds Paige and they reconnect. (Note: This scene can also include a sex scene if you’d like.)

31. [Paige POV] The next morning, Paige wakes up in a motel room. Next to her, George is sleeping half naked. For a moment, she thinks she is dreaming, However, the bruises on her back and the all too familiar tattoo tell her otherwise. Paige is having second thoughts about her relationship with George, but after last night’s events, she feels safer next to him rather than away from him. That and George has explained to her his decision to leave the bike gang and Mr. Pedro. When she wakes up, Paige tells him about the baby. Instead of getting angry, George is excited. He is going to be a father.

32. [George POV] The next day, George gets a call from Mr. Pedro. He is afraid to pick it up, but Paige gives him courage. They have to know what they are facing if they are thinking of raising a child together. George finally answers the phone and he has a short discussion with Mr. Pedro. The man has decided to move his business elsewhere due to Philippe’s treason. Before chasing after Paige, he had contacted a policeman and told him everything about Mr. Pedro’s business. So, Mr. Pedro called George to tell him to hide and make sure all the people important to him hide as well. It’s his last gift for being a great right-hand man.

33. [Paige POV] There is a short scene where George, Linda, their mother, and Paige are driving away from their homes. The atmosphere is gloomy and sad. Paige comes up with an idea to brighten things up. She turns on the radio and puts on her favorite song. She starts thinking. Linda quickly follows her example. Soon, even George is whistling in the rhythm. When the song is over, George starts talking out loud. He says that he loves Paige, and that he wants her to be the mother of his children. And to do that, that he has to marry her. In shock, Paige agrees.

34. [George POV] It’s the day of the marriage. George is stressed. He wants to marry Paige so bad. He looks at himself in the mirror and smiles. He never expected that crazy girl from that pub that would one day become his wife. He spends one moment thinking about the future, the past, and everything they had to go through to stay together, safe away from everything. When he finishes with his recollection, he turns around and leaves the room. The story ends with him kissing Paige and then marrying her.



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